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SquatScreen and PushUp Screen are HERE!.

SquatScreen and PushUp Screen are HERE!

SquatScreen is a new movement screen module within the PostureScreen Mobile app available on the iTunes AppStore.

Now you can have objective assessments of functional movement screens such as the lateral view over head squat, the Front (anterior) View Over Head Squat, as well as the Back (posterior) View Over head squat assessment.

What differentiates our application from others that simply ‘draw lines’ which ours can do too, is that we not only link to possible “overactive muscles”, “Underactive Muscles”, but we then link to the correctives for that client’s dysfunction based on that individual screening results.  No other application does what SquatScreen within PostureScreen Mobile

Additional screenings coming soon.

For more and tutorials on SquatScreen and Pushup screen click here.