iPhone / iPod Touch/ iPad -Mobile Support

What's New?

Version 3.0

· All NEW native iPad interface update! 

·Updated new report themes/colors

·All New Backup to Dropbox for patient data



Versions 2.5-2.7

· All NEW native iPad interface! 
· Various Bug Fixes 
· iPad pan and zoom digitization for increased accuracy 
· improved activity overlay spinner/Wait cursor 
· added Credits Remaining text to iPad interface 
· added New Version Available alert when a new update becomes available 
· greatly improved speed of Demographic Export screen 
· added level offset setting (off, 5º - 40º) 
· much faster magnifying glass option when digitizing 
· Updated How-To-Use links and FAQs  

What is the new zeroing function for the Heads Up Display Horizontal Level?


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