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Prescribe over 3000 exercises from app with PostureScreen WebExercises.

WebExercises Exercises Integration with PostureScreen

WebExPSMobile Sync

The new exercise sync feature allows you to added any exercises to Posture Screen Mobile. This includes any one of the 3,000+ exercises from the WebExercises library or any personal exercises you have upload to your WebExercises account. These exercises can be printed and/or emailed directly from Posture Screen. (Note this WebExercise integration is ONLY available on the Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad versions of PostureScreen Mobile)

A WebExercises Professional account is required to access the Posture Screen custom exercise feature. To sign up use the link below to create a free Basic account from which you can upgrade to the Professional version.  SIGN UP NOW

The Professional version provides the features below.

  • Posture Screen exercise programs sync with your WebExercises account.
  • Suggested Exercises from the Movement Screen Module
  • Expanded exercise library (more exercise content) and search options.
  • Upload/add your own exercises
  • Your uploaded exercises will display in Posture Screen exercise section (coming soon)
  • Print 1,2 or 4 exercise per page handouts for patients.
  • Customize/Edit exercise text instructions.
  • Branded patient login web page with your clinic information and logo
  • No Google ads within your or your patients account.
  • Live web based training to ensure you and your staff know how to fully utilize the program.



With PostureScreen Mobile, you can easily generate a PDF Exercise documentation SUMMARY in just a simple click in order to keep track of your client’s exercises in your records

PostureScreen Documentation Summary for Exercises

PostureScreen Documentation Summary for Exercises

WebExercises Tutorial on how to enable this NEW Custom Exercise Sync and select the exercises which will sync to app

How it works:

  1. Select the Rx Protocols tab when logged in to your WebExercises account.
  2. Click the PostureScreen App Exercises link and add exercises to your protocol.
  3. From Posture Screen Mobile exercise page click “Sync Exercises” in the Your Custom Exercises section. Your exercises can now be sent from Posture Screen.