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PostureRay X-Ray EMR – CLEAR version. Patients’ x-rays become more meaningful, more informative, and more versatile.

CLEAR version of PostureRay is HERE!

The PostureRay® EMR software is now available with the CLEAR Institute technique.  You will be able to quickly document, and analyze your patient’s spine using the principles taught by the CLEAR Institute

Our software quickly aids in analysis of spinal x-rays and plots abnormal deviations. Which means your patients can easily see exactly what corrections are necessary and track the progress of treatment, whether for spinal subluxations, scoliosis or a ligamentous injury secondary to traumatic event. The system even includes a “telestrator” function so you can draw as you demonstrate a patient’s spinal position giving for a dynamic report of findings (ROF). The x-rays, analysis, and documentation are easily exported to Electronic Medical Records as pdf ­les, or JPG images. Posture Ray is available for Windows 8, 7, XP, and Vista, and is compatible with DMX and DICOM. Digital x-rays are not required. With Posture Ray, you’ll save time while you provide better care, and with just one new patient a month, the system pays for itself. Starting at just $5999, ­financing is available with monthly payments as low as $199. Add Posture Ray to your practice. The advantages are easy to See.


This affordable Computerized Radiographic Mensuration EMR system, known as PostureRay, is the most advanced, robust and easy to use radiographic EMR system available today. This system aids in reporting of clinical data necessary for better patient care, as well as allowing for production well written patient reports, impression reports, digital view box, QuickView display during patient care, and clinical comparison reports.

The PostureRay® X-Ray EMR will document and analyze the following CLEAR studies:

  1. Lateral Cervical Neutral, Flexion, Extension
  2. APOM Neutral and side bending lateral flexion
  3. Base Posterior
  4. Nasium
  5. AP Thoracic
  6.  Lateral Thoracic
  7. AP Lumbar
  8. Lateral Lumbar Neutral, Flexion, Extension

You can of course document scoliosis and stress exams with comparisons to optimally educate your patient on their spinal condition.

Click HERE to see sample PostureRay Reports Examples

Advantages are Easy to See:

    • Save Precious Time Analyzing and Documenting your X-Ray findings
    • Ability to quickly compare your patients spine to established normal position – Evidence Based Care!
    • Aids in complex subluxation documentation in cases such as ligamentous instability and scoliosis
    • Ultimate in patient education with digital view boxes, and quick view screens with telestrator function
    • Ability to generate full and thorough reports in PDF format for the patient ROF as well as general documentation
    • integration with top animation software for patient education, 3D Practice
    • Compatible methods of films are jpg, DICOM, and even DMX studies on DVD!
    • Ability to seamlessly export annotated images, so you can import into other EHR systems

Software Packages begin at $5999 or utilize easy financing lease to own as low at $199/month! NO CREDIT CHECKS. WE FINANCE IN HOUSE! This system easily pays for itself with as little as 1 new patient per month!

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