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How to use AirPLay Screen Mirroring

In order for you to use the wireless AirPlay function you must have the following:

1. AppleTV running latest version iOS4.4 or later

2. An iPad2 or iPhone 4s (no other devices work with Airplay with regards to screen mirroring) and these devices must be running iOS5.

3. a wireless local area network - not all wireless mobile hotspots support this function.

4. We DO NOT support how to set up local area networks nor trouble shooting with wireless networks. This is for your IT professional to handle. You may be able to use your Macbook Pro to create a wireless network as well as use your windows computer, but again this is for your IT professional to decide what will work best to suit your needs. We will not handle nor field questions about airplay beyond this page. You can have your IT professional search the Apple community forums for help on this topic for trouble shooting.

For more info on Troubleshooting AirPlay Screen Mirroring, click here to visit Apple Support Forum.



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